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Boost Your Confidence With Custom Shirts

By May 30, 2018 August 19th, 2019 No Comments

Warm weather is finally here and you might be thinking about updating your wardrobe. If you need new shirts, consider purchasing ones that are custom made to your exact size and style preferences. Custom shirts follow the lines of your body exactly, adapting to you instead of you trying to adapt to a mass-produced shirt that only mostly fits.

Almost everyone has a personal size criterion that is not always met by mass-produced clothing, whether that person is short, tall, heavy, very slim, or has particularly long arms, just to name a few. Custom shirts fit you perfectly in every area, increasing your comfort and boosting your confidence, thereby allowing you to give off the best impression of yourself to the world. Custom shirts are especially useful if you have an important event coming up, such as an interview, a romantic night out, or a formal affair like a wedding.

How do you know if a shirt fits you properly?

In a properly fitting shirt, the sleeves should be long enough that, when you stretch out your arms, the cuff does not pull away from your wrists. At the same time, when your arms are relaxed by your sides, only about one inch of the shirt material should gather by the cuff. Along the top part of the shirt, the shoulder points should sit precisely on the ends of your shoulders and you should be able to fit two fingers in your collar while it is buttoned.

Let’s talk about the collar for a moment. The role of the collar is to frame your face, meaning you don’t only want to think about the fit of the collar but the spread. Different collar spreads work best for different face shapes. If your face is long and narrow, you might consider a wide collar spread point to create a balanced look. A wider face and neck will look more harmonious with a narrower collar spread.

High Bar Shirt Co. sells a variety of shirt styles that are completely customizable. You can personalize your neck and sleeve measurements, pick an appropriate tail length for your size and style, decide if you want the fit of your shirt to be full, relaxed, tapered, or slim, and choose the fabric and color based on season, your skin tone, and your personal taste. In addition, you can make special requests so that you end up with an entirely tailor-made shirt that makes you feel good about yourself and helps you face the world with confidence.

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